Primitive Winter Trapping… Providing for Winter Needs !

Primitive Winter Trapping

Let’s discuss primitive trapping and its place in winter survival.  During winter, Hunting…everything is tougher… especially later winter !   Living off the land, in summer is feasible, because of the abundance of wild edibles.  The need for calories is much lower in the summer too. As winter.. and late winter come, daily calories need spike dramatically in a frozen world. At the same time, root edibles, and wild greens become unattainable.

Primitive people relied on stored foods to bridge the gap from late winter to the spring availability of wild foods.  Often the oddity of a late blizzard, when food stores were low, would determine the fate of life or death in a primitive world…

We have learned that trapping can be used as an efficient time management strategy, when hunting or gathering, during the more abundant times of the year… However, in late winter… primitive trapping can be a life saver that gets you through the winter lean times. Trapping provides the dense calories, that are especially needed during the cold winter months.  The other good news is that primitive trapping is easier, and the traps perform better, during the late winter months.  During the winter… the food for your target animals, becomes rare too, thus these animals become much more susceptible to the use of bait, as an attractant…  Also, animal tracks and trails become much more noticeable… in the winter woods.

An added benefit for the winter trapper… the hides and furs of the winter trapped animals are much more likely to be in their prime, and thus provide a higher quality, and much needed winter clothing.

All these factors are a good reason to take a winter trapping class from Primal Knowledge…  In this class, we will be learning how to make effective traps and snares completely from nature… I will also teach a special trap that works efficiently year-round, to provide delicious food for the table… that can never be trapped out !  Join us for are next Primitive Trapping class to learn about this trap and others… Be prepared for winter survival.