IT’s Always the String…

It's always the string

Of all the components of primitive tools, cordage is always the weakest link. Bow drills, traps & snares.. and the hunting bow, are all good examples. The reason… ? Generally cordage serves as a flexible way to either restrain or deliver a force, and…

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Primitive Arrow Making

In this class, we will go through the thirteen steps needed to finish a lethal hunting arrow. This will include fletching, straightening, and arming the arrow with an arrowhead. All material will be provided including a selection of finished arrowheads to haft to your…

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Survival Bow Making

This class is only offered as a “Weekend” two day course. It will emphasize a “green” wood survival bow, with design strategies and, why some woods make the best bows. We will be fire to force dry the bow. Read More… Next Scheduled: TBD

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